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studio classes

weekly schedule | victoria

Note: Class times are in Pacific Standard Time

Monday 9:00am
Hatha Flow – 60mins
Yoga Bar  | sign-up

Tuesday Noon
Flow Express – 45 mins
The Lab Westshore | sign-up

Tuesday 8:15pm
Roots & Restore – 75mins
The Lab Victoria  | sign-up

Wednesday Noon
Flow to Yin – 60mins
Muse Mind Body | sign-up

Wednesday 6:30pm
Roots- 60mins
The Lab Westshore  | sign-up

Wednesday 8:00pm
Still & Meditation (Yin) – 60mins
The Lab Westshore  | sign-up

Thursday 11:00am
Flow & Restore – 60mins
The Lab Victoria  | sign-up

Thursday 6:00pm
Flow to Yin – 60mins
Muse Mind Body  | sign-up

Friday 5:30pm
Flow – 60mins
Yoga Bar  | sign-up

online classes

on-demand and livestream

Note: Class times are in Pacific Standard Time

Yoga Serene on YouTube

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Live Online Yoga Classes

  • zoom classes coming soon
bespoke yoga

personalized one-on-one & semi-privates classes

Looking for a personalized yoga practice?

Are you new to yoga, or experienced and seeking to grow your practice or recovering from an injury? Perhaps you want to learn how to meditate? Whatever your needs, I can help.

I offer personalized yoga, meditation and breathwork. I work with you to customize a practice for your specific needs or goals.

If you are local, I offer the luxury service of coming to your home or I have a home studio. I also offer online livestream private classes. 

More than just you? I offer semi-privates and corporates; yoga for special events, yoga in your office.

Contact me for rates and more information, I’d love to meet you. 

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in-studio and livestream



meditation series

This four-week series is for those looking to begin or deepen a meditation practice. 

Each session includes discussions on practical meditation techniques, theory, breathwork and guided meditations.

Week One Finding Your Seat: The body & meditation postures

Week Two Finding Your Breath: Breathing practices & their importance

Week Three Managing Your Monkey Mind: The mind & concentration 

Week Four Stillness: Finding your stillness within

The intention of this course is to provide you with a deeper understanding of meditation, with practical and meaningful techniques – giving you the skills necessary to develop a consistent meditation practice.

Offered in person and online. Contact me for rates and information.

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the art of relaxation

Breath is a powerful tool, it can change the way you feel physically, emotionally and mentally; the breath soothes the body and calms the mind. 

In this workshop, you will learn Pranayama (yogic breathing) techniques, which help harness the power of breath to deepen your yoga and meditation practice. 

To relax the body Dawn leads a gentle yoga practice with Yoga Nidra techniques.

To calm the mind you will practice breathing techniques to strengthen your awareness and focus.

Ending in guided meditation, you will leave feeling balanced and at ease in your body and mind.

Discover the art of relaxation and how your breath helps you relax more both on and off your mat. 

Offered in person and online. Contact me for rates and information.

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Bass Coast 2019
Bass Coast 2023

immersion: sound, mind, body

A journey through yoga and sound…

Sharing a passion for yoga and sound, Dawn and her husband Craig have created a unique immersive experience. 

Craig mixes music and sound live while Dawn guides you through a mindful Flow followed by Yin, ending with Yoga Nidra techniques and a deep Savasana while Craig bathes you in sound.

The practice is coupled with electronic music, natural sounds, visceral tonal vibrations, delta waves and binaural beats to stimulate your senses and facilitate mind-body integration. 

Immersion is designed utilizing four high-fidelity speakers to create the immersive three-dimensional soundscape. You not only hear the sound, you will feel it envelope your senses. This is more than yoga with music; they have curated emotive music and sound to take you on a journey inwards, moving towards a deep meditative state.

Immersion is an interactive, movement and sound experience – a shared energetic experience by all who participate.

Immersion has been enjoyed at yoga studios, special events and festivals; Bass Coast 2018, 2019, 2022 and 2023.

Contact me for booking your special event, rates and more information.

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Next Event:

Bass Coast Friday, July 12th, 4pm, Slow Tempo Stage

2024 Events:

Lab Studios Spring Equinox, Saturday, March 16, 4:00pm Westshore Location

2023 Events:

Lab Studios Victoria – NYE, Sunday, Dec 31st, 4:00pm Downtown Location

Lab Yoga Festival, Saturday, July 29th, 11:30am, Bliston Creek Lavender Farm

Bass Coast Friday, July 7th, 4pm, Slow Tempo Stage

Yoga Santosha Calgary – Saturday, June 10th, 7pm MST Mission Location

2022 Events:

Bass Coast Saturday, July 9th, 4pm, Slow Tempo Stage

Yoga Santosha Calgary – Friday, September 23rd, 5:30pm, Mission Location

Lab Studios Victoria – Friday, October 28th, 5:30pm, Westshore Location

Lab Studios Victoria – NYE, Saturday, Dec 31st, 4:00pm Downtown Location

For live updates, follow immersionsoundmindbody 

what my students say

Amanda Froehler Calgary, AB

“Immersion is a splendid journey. The music selection pared with yoga is a great soundscape to move to. Dawn is clearly a seasoned yoga instructor - her command of the yoga discipline is excellent and her guidance is direct but soft. The sounds moved along seamlessly allowing me to be transported to beautiful places in my mind, and letting my body rest and restore. Craig’s ability to create the auditory space where the sound travels through you at the right time and vibration is meticulous.”

Jonathan Thomas Calgary, AB

“Dawn is an incredibly gifted instructor who is truly able to facilitate yoga as a personal exploration for each individual as opposed to just leading a class. In my mind, this is what really constitutes for a quality teacher.”

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