I believe yoga transforms us ...

from the inside out

Hi, I’m Dawn,

Whether you’re new to yoga or are looking to deepen your practice, I’m here to support you on your journey and offer you tools and experiences to feel more at ease in your body and mind as you navigate through your life.

Yoga truly changed my life and teaching is my passion. I also love animals (proud dog momma), music, dancing and connecting with nature.

When I’m not teaching yoga you can find me hanging with my fur babe and husband in the mountains and forest or near water; ocean and rivers are my fav. I also enjoy reading, listening to and dancing to my favourite beats.

the big one

why I teach

Teaching is my Dharma, I truly love yoga and how it improves the quality of our life and has a direct impact on our happiness. I am passionate about helping people feel good and feel more at ease in body and mind; my wish for all beings is to be truly happy.

I am grateful to do what I love and share this beautiful union of body, breath and mind; I teach from my personal experience to provide guidance and hold space for my students as they embark upon their own yoga journey.

big and little things

my story

Before I discovered yoga and meditation, I was a very different person. I was living in a state of constant “fight or flight”. I was a high stress person, in a high stress career. I was constantly “on the go” and felt a need to be always “doing’ something; and as a result I was unhappy.

I wasn’t living in a way that honoured or nourished my true nature, through yoga and meditation I realized this…

Yoga taught me how to “be”, how to slow down and experience presence; how to connect to my true nature. Yoga turned my life upside down when it needed to be turned upside down. A huge shift transpired…

Slowly yoga began to open my body, quiet my mind and heal my aliments – all while teaching me so much about myself. I felt a shift in my entire being and became more dedicated to my practice; opening up to meditation, I began to feel more at ease, physically, emotionally and mentally, with a deep sense of inner-peace and connectedness.

After years in a very hectic advertising & marketing career, I listened to my inner calling and in 2009 completed my first teacher training and haven’t looked back, by 2010, I was teaching yoga full time.

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so much to share ...

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my philosophy is to

slow down, be kind to yourself and do what feels good

I believe yoga transforms us from the inside out and is a life practice for life.

My mantra of Shanti (Peace), Kshama (Patience), Abhyasa (Practice) is a reminder of some of the gifts yoga has brought into my life. 

I’m known for mindful, grounding and balanced classes integrating breath and movement; using breath to calm the mind while working into and connecting with the physical body.


what my students say

Bonnie Field Calgary, AB

“Dawn has been my teacher for over a decade now. She has carried and led me through my yoga practice with consistency, resiliency, true compassion and gentleness.”

Ryan Hurl Calgary, AB

“Dawn generously invites steady mindfulness. A master teacher, her classes take root through an informed technical awareness, which she effortlessly transfers through tactful delivery. The return to self, in Dawn’s teaching illuminates as the primary focus of intention.”

in practice

teaching experience

I am Yoga Alliance Certified 500RYT and have been teaching yoga full time for over 14 years.

During this time I have taught at top studios in Calgary, AB and Victoria, BC, Canada as well as Corporates and Privates. I offer in person and online classes and currently reside in Victoria, BC, Canada.

I teach a variety of styles from Hatha to Flow to Yin and Restorative Yoga, as well as Pranayama (Breathwork) and Meditation.

I have facilitated several Meditation and Pranayama workshops and created alongside my husband a Yoga and Sound experience – Immersion, Sound, Mind, Body which we have shared at local yoga studios as well as festivals in Alberta and British Columbia, Canada.

advanced teacher training | 300hrs
ashtanga yoga teacher training | 200hrs
sattva yoga teacher training | 200hrs
art of adjusting training | 60hrs
meditation teacher training | 50hrs

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