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by Dawn Bayers

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hi, i'm Dawn ...

Whether you’re new to yoga or are looking to deepen your practice, I’m here to support you; I can help you feel more vital and at ease in your body and mind through the practice of yoga and meditation.

I offer:

Mindful intuitive practices centred around breath with a soothing cadence and clear and concise cuing with the integration of music and meditation to create a serene experience.

at core

my specialties

mindful yoga

Utilizing yoga asana (the body) and breath to fully experience the present moment.


Pranayama (breath) practices designed to calm and steady your mind; managing stress and anxiety.


Training your mind to focus and concentrate; a process of letting go and cultivating inner peace.

what my students say

Samantha Warwick Calgary, AB

“I’ve been practicing regularly with Dawn for over a decade and her guidance never fails to ground my body and settle my mind. Her sequences are intuitive and centered around the breath while she mindfully encourages students to feel each pose correctly."

Emily Dickinson Toronto, ON

“Dawn’s classes are my favourite ever. She has changed the way I practice completely. Her classes offer so much grounding. I live in Toronto and her voice and virtual classes have been such a source of comfort and joy!"



4-week meditation series

Deepen your meditation practice with refined techniques.

the art of relaxation

Learn how your breath affects the way you feel physically, emotionally, and mentally.

immersion: sound, mind, body

Yoga coupled with emotive music, natural sounds, delta waves and binaural beats curated to draw you inwards.

yoga retreats

Vancouver Island and Costa Rica

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